Monday, April 6, 2015

The Perfect Boat

Bob Bitchin's column last week on (Vintage Attitude - The Perfect Boat) is one of my favorites of all that he's ever written.

So many variables go into choosing the right boat.

  • The right time
  • The right budget
  • The right person
  • The right season
  • The right purpose

There are a few boats that I would consider The Perfect Boat (for me).

  • 48 ft. Hans Christian (although a nice 3 cabin layout in a 43 ft. would do in a pinch)

  • 55 ft. Tayana (one that I saw at the Strictly Sail in San Francisco years ago - with a custom work shop built into a starboard cabin...complete with a vise mounted into the worktable)

  • That 53 ft. custom dutch steel double-ender that I still keep searching to find again...the vessel's name was "S/V Atlantis"...and I should have bought it when it was on the market)

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