Friday, September 14, 2012

The Four Year Plan

I've been meaning to update my Next Voyage Countdown widget to the right of my blog.

Tonight as I pondered what date to select, these thoughts fluttered through my mind:

  • I've finally got myself back aboard a sailboat
  • I'm enjoying the experience of being a liveaboard again
  • I'm in a great marina - and there are plenty of places to cruise nearby on the the weekend.
  • The shuttle service to LAX picks-up here in the marina - and so I have easy access if/when I need to fly to client locations for meetings or periods of consulting work.
  • Being back on the West Coast  - and having the Pacific as my playground allows me easy no-hassle to great sailing - which is also convenient to where I've established my new office - I'm not in any great rush to take off for a long distant least for the present.
  • The allure of voyaging to Mexico again - isn't as strong as wanting to wait and have the financial resources to continue voyaging for more than a season.
  • I can continue living aboard and sailing on the weekends and holidays for now - which satisfies my hunger for being upon the sea least for now
  • I need to have a plan for re-entry - and ideally have a place to store my 1,000+ library of books while I'm voyaging [need to sort out the implementation details for my shipping container mansion ideas]
  • when I want to voyage to distant places - flying there and doing a bare-boat rental would be more convenient - since I will need to continue working for some years to prepare myself financially for the longer voyaging I seek to do in the future. 
  • Should the world/life slip sideways, there's always the option of just casting off the dock lines with just a day or two of preparation...
And so, for now, I have settled on a purely arbitrary date of my 55th birthday (some 4 years distant) to allow me the time to make the necessary preparations.

Listening to Jimmy Buffett's 'Beach House On The Moon'

Ventura Harbor Timelapse

I happened to come across this very cool timelaspe video of Ventura Harbor on Youtube: