Sunday, April 10, 2011

25 Days or Not?

My life as a consultant dictates certain constraints that I choose to accept.

One of those constraints is the requirement to serve a client's needs - to complete the work that is started - and to be flexible to their needs.

Although my current engagement is scheduled to end within 25 days - some discussions are in process to extend my contract until October/November - which I would gladly welcome.  Leaving now for a voyage - just before the beginning of hurricane season - would not be prudent (although I could fly to the Southern hemisphere for the summer and find a boat to buy or join).  Waiting until November to leave on a voyage would work well for the overall timing - give me time to increase my cruising funds - and find the next boat (which of course would need some time for sea trials and outfitting).

If this engagement is not extended - I have had a few discussions about some potential new client projects - which might involve traveling/working in such far-off destinations as Johannesburg South Africa, Shanghai China, London, New Zealand, Australia, France...and possibly San Diego.  Nothing definite yet - but to have those as possibilities at this stage is encouraging.

And if it all falls down?  I'm fine with that too.  I've found a 27 ft. Bristol in Maryland that I can probably pick-up for not much money - and I could spend a few months cruising in the Caribbean, working my way back to Tampa Florida where my sister lives by the Fall.

Another option would be to buy a small log cabin that I've recently found for sale - on an acre of land in the Ozarks - and spend a season there writing and designing software.

Life is filled with options, I am greatly blessed to have my health, many good friends, and the freedom to pursue my passions and my dreams.

For the moment, the only thing missing is my ship...

I was hoping to negotiate the purchase of this very nice 37 ft. Tayana - but we couldn't agree on creative financing terms or the repairs required to obtain traditional financing.