Sunday, March 17, 2013

Technautics CoolBlue Marine Refrigeration

S/V Third Day mentioned CoolBlue Marine Refrigeration on a recent blog post - which looks very interesting:
24 amp/hours per day (!?)

[reminder to self: when I need to eventually replace my boat's refrigeration, I definitely want to remember to come back and look at CoolBlue]

NOTE: Another option that should be on anyone list of possible solutions for yacht refrigeration would be the Mexicolder (tm) Tropical Yacht Refrigeration System.  My friend, Mike of S/V Tortu fame, who lives in Mexico is a highly skilled Marine Engineer who I highly recommend. You can reach him at For more info, visit his blog:

I also plan to purchase a Cruise RO Water and Power water maker [Rich, on S/V Third Day is the owner of the company]

Biding Time

Work continues with my current client engagement.  Perhaps I'll be wrapping up this contract by the end of June or July.  Or, there is a chance they may extend me through the end of the year.  Either way, I'm fine with whatever the outcome.

A break in work will come eventually.  It is the nature of my profession: Itinerant IT Consultant [read: "hired gun"]

I have a few projects on the boat that need attention - but nothing that would prevent me from loading up with food and fuel - and taking off for some distant harbor - at a moment's notice.

I have one dinghy too many #sailorproblems
Perhaps I will sell both - and then find a newer replacement.