Sunday, February 18, 2018

Scientists invent SUPER WOOD that could replace steel

"SCIENTISTS have devised a way to make wood up to 12 times stronger in a bid to replace steel with a cheaper, lighter, and more renewable alternative."

"The researchers say that the treatment can be applied to bulk amounts of wood at once, and allows them to bend and mold the material into the desired shape at the start."

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Eight Bells: Anthony “Johnny” Mahoney, 73

A good rule of thumb for self-rescue: Never willingly choose to abandon your sailboat, unless it means stepping "up" into the life-raft or dinghy - as it sinks beneath you.

Remember this: Often, after crew have attempted self-rescue by abandoning their sailboat - the boat is found relatively undamaged.

This was true in the tragic disaster of the 1979 Fastnet Race.

Saturday, July 15, 2017 Batteries that "drink" seawater

"Now MIT spinout Open Water Power (OWP) aims to greatly improve the range of unpiloted underwater vehicles (UUVs), helping them better perform in a range of applications under the sea.

Recently acquired by major tech firm L3 Technologies, OWP has developed a novel aluminum-water power system that's safer and more durable, and that gives UUVs a tenfold increase in range over traditional lithium-ion batteries used for the same applications."

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Marina Swap Meet Treasures

Today was the annual Marina Swap Meet - where "treasures of the bilge" may oft' be found - such as this book I picked up for $1 - by the world famous small boat sailor / and master ship wright - that documents the construction of his Lyle Hess designed vessel Taleisin - upon which he and his wife (Lin) circumnavigated. It was serendipitous - for I have met them both - and have sat in the warm cabin of Taleisin on a cold winter day when she was tied to the dock on Lake Union in Seattle for a boat show event.

Details of Classic Boat Construction, The Hull, 2nd edition
by Larry Pardey

Upgrading Your Small Sailboat for Cruising
by Paul and Marya Butler

Practical Yacht Joinery
Tool, Techniques, Tips
by Fred P. Bingham

Understanding Rigs and Rigging, revised edition
by Richard Henderson
Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance Manual
(Special Value - Six Books in One)
$20 (for both)