Saturday, April 18, 2015

Salon Settee Remodel Ideas

On my 1963 35 ft. Pearson Alberg sailboat - the salon consists of two full-length settee on the port and starboard sides, with a center-line folding drop-leaf table in the center, near the forward bulkhead.

This arrangement is convenient for entertaining - and has proven useful for comfortably allowing two adults to sleep stretched out.

However, when living aboard, and needing to use the salon as an office - the cushions and the settee arrangement are not comfortable, and result in back aches and cramps in the leg/thigh muscles.

I want a salon that can function as a mini-office when needed.

Ideally, I would like to have an L-shaped desk space, mounting hardware setup for multiple flat panel monitors, and a comfortable ergonomic chair that can swivel.

This would mean removing the center-line table...which I'm not sure I really want to do (yet)...

 It would also mean cannibalizing some of the storage space that is built into the settee structure - and perhaps some structural reworking of the partial bulkheads.

The Attwood Centric II Seat has an interesting look ($239.99-259.99

The Tempress Marine NaviStyle High-Back Seat is possibly a viable option ($124.99

As well as the Tempress All-Weather High-Back Folding Seat ($89.99-99.99

There may be some simpler solutions to explore before embarking on a major remodeling project:

Found on Amazon:

 Picnic Time Portable Ventura Reclining Seat

RY-KY Products The COMFTABLE Fully Adjustable Deluxe Air Cushion Seat with Back Support

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