Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals for 2013

A few goals I have in mind for 2013
  • Add solar panels
  • Add wind generator
  • Modify the sail setup on my dinghy to use a hanked sail- and allow me to raise or lower the sail (currently the sail is the type that you slip over the mast - not ideal when the wind kicks up hard as it can here on the coast)
  • Add a stern anchor

Some other projects that I probably won't get to in 2013 - but are on the list:

  • Evaluate wether I should replace the fuel tank [there appears to have been some galvanic corrosion over the years]
  • Plumb the deck fitting to fill the water tanks [currently I have to raise the boards in the salon to fill directly there]
  • Add a Wind Vane
  • Add a SSB Radio
  • Evaluate the sump options for setting up a shower in the head
  • Evaluate adding a hot-water heater
  • Add a water-maker 
  • Add a fresh / saltwater hose-down arrangement in the cockpit

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