Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 2014 Exploration of Maine's Coastline

This month I spent a week on the East Coast of the United States, exploring as much of Maine's coastline as I could squeeze into a frenetic period of almost constant driving and exploring.  I also managed to spend a little time in New Hampshire, as well as the area surrounding Boston.

On my way North, I stopped in Portland to visit my second cousin, who lives with his wife on Peaks Island.

By far, my favorite stop on the trip was Boothsbay Harbor, ME (more info  - where I stayed at the Tugboat Inn.

Second favorite stop would have to be the area around Wells, MA - where I stayed at The Garrison Suites.

The Starlight Cafe in Bath, ME serves an excellent breakfast...

While heading South back to Boston, I managed to spend a few hours in Gloucester, NH...

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