Sunday, June 8, 2014

Oil Change Automation

Over the years, I've tried various approaches to simplify changing the oil on the diesel engines on my boats (all of the previous approaches were ad hoc, messy, and required retrieving and stowing messy oil changing gear) - this year, I want to try out something a bit more automated. has a pump in particular, the OP-6, that looks quite interesting. Their web site lists a price of $265 today for the 12V models.


  • Ideal for diesel, oil, or water
  • Reversible: Transfers hot or cold oil quickly and cleanly to and from the oil pan
  • 3-Position switch (On-Off-On)
  • Safety lock prevents accidental activation
  • Easy operation: Flow is in direction of switch
  • Available in 12 and 24 volts

  • Flow Rate: 3 GPM / 11.35 LPM
  • DC 12V or 24V
  • Ports: (Ext) 3/4" Male Hose, (Int) 3/8" Female NPT
  • Self-priming: 3 ft / 0.91m (wet gears)
  • Max Work Pressure: 15 psi / 1 bar
  • Standard nitrile impeller for oil or water
  • Optional fluoroelastomer impeller for diesel or oil

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