Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paul Lutus, Confessions of a Long-Distance Sailor

Paul Lutus, Confessions of  a Long-Distance Sailor
An account of an around-the-world solo sail in a 31-foot boat, 1988-1991

Paul is also a prolific software developer, for example:

A Java short-wave weatherfax receiver/converter

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Sailing Firsts...

As I started my adventure as a sailor - beginning with zero experience - I remember a few of my sailing "firsts".  The memory of my evolution and growth as a sailor will always be punctuated by the time before and after these events:

  • The first night I slept aboard my ship
  • The first time leaving the dock - without crew to help 
  • The first time setting the anchor
  • The first time spending the night afloat, relying upon my anchor to secure the ship
  • The first time sailing out of sight of land
  • The first overnight passage
  • The first sunset at sea
  • The first sunrise at sea
  • The first arrival at an island
  • The first arrival in a foreign port
  • The first bit of stormy weather encountered while at sea
  • The first time climbing the mast
  • The first time needing to dive under the boat to clear some flotsam from the rudder
  • The first encounter with a whale
  • The first encounter with dolphins dancing off my bow wave
  • The first encounter with sea lion pups 
  • The first encounter with a micro-burst
Those moments and memories are precious "firsts".  No matter where I am - or how busy I may be working on some project - opening those mental files can instantly transport me back to the deck of my ship...and I can smell the salty wind and waves...

Andrew Evans e-book on Singlehanded Sailing

Great e-book by Andrew Evans
"Thoughts, Tips, Techniques & Tactics For Singlehanded Sailing"