Saturday, February 20, 2010

S/V Concordia Lost

West Island College International of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, which operates the Class Afloat program for students in the final two years of high school and the first year of college.

The Concordia Sank Last Wednesday - 188-foot-long (57.5-meter-long) Concordia was built in 1992...offered a Semester At Sea program...

Captain: Downdraft knocked ship over in 15 seconds - Yahoo! News

I noted these bits of information:

"The storm hit in the early afternoon at a time when most of the students were studying in protected structures on deck — which made it easier for them to scramble to life rafts."

"Two rafts got tangled in the rigging — but the ship's cook had rushed so quickly from her chores that she was still clutching a kitchen knife, which was used to slice through the ropes and free the rafts."

"...the school that operates the ship outfitted it with twice as many life rafts as actually needed for 64 people"

An earlier version of the article quoted the captain saying that the windows gave way - and that is what caused the ship to sink in the knock-down.

First rescued Canadians dock in Rio

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