Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sailing, As Metaphor, For Life

Choose a First Mate and vessel with good bones, not just good looks

Take care of your First Mate and ship, they'll take care of you

Always keep a lookout

In stormy weather, try to avoid lee shores

Shorten sail before stormy weather arrives

Be mindful of the kind of crew you take on board

The voyage is just as important as the destination

When all other means of navigation fail, look to the stars

While a good anchor is essential, a wise sailor has a backup

Technology is great, but...
 a lead line, compass, and sextant will do in a pinch

Go slow, so you can Truly See

There isn't much that can't be made better...
 by immersing the soul in salt water

Sailing solo is fun, but with friends - so much better

Reading, knowing, and feeling a thing...
are all very different matters

by Kelvin D. Meeks
copyright 2015

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